Cowboy adventures and bitter sweet partings

4 thoughts on “Cowboy adventures and bitter sweet partings”

  1. There is a real danger of you two fattening up given the number of meals you go out for. Again I am green with envy. All sounds wonderful.

  2. Hey Dotahn and Emm…Love reading this last blog! Thans for the nice mention and of my songs…the latter is “Feelin’ Alive”…Hope Ecuador is great…the Newberry family misses you!

  3. Hey you two! i got tears to my eyes seeing you with Cathy and Vince,,, brought back so many wonderful childhood moments… have always dreamed of seeing the intense open spaces they live amongst. Glad i’ve found your blog.. now i can keep an eye on you! stay safe and happy… big love zzzzzzzzzz

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