Project SKY: Final Week

4 thoughts on “Project SKY: Final Week”

  1. The tales of an Equadorean adventure seem to me so real and yet so unreal. We sit here in the comfort of a busy city with all it offers, and yet I envy the hard work, the creativity, the social interaction with volunteer and townsfolk alike, the meaning and the beauty of the environment you convey. Your experiences which are so generously shared with us inspire and delight, and help me know the heart of you both just that little bit more. It also creates a wanderlust, an itch in me to embrace the untapped experiences out there to be had. Your writings which evoke an essence and character of where you are and who you are, initiate ongoing learning for myself and your father/father-in-law.What a journey for you and us. Thank you both
    Travel safe and well

  2. Oh wow. After having spent 20 minutes immersed in my computer, reading all about your/our adventures and watching the beautiful video you made – as usual – I just looked up and remembered I was sitting in a cafe…and have been making crazy exclamations and gestures and near tears the whole time. It can’t be helped. The warmth of your art and blog is too strong to keep a person from being happy. Thanks for sharing.

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