Our European chapter was almost at an end as the Himalayas  beckoned. Our last stop in Bosnia was a brief visit to the capital Sarajevo. Arriving by bus through the Fall coloured landscape we checked into a great apartment in the centre of the city. The old city of Sarajevo centers around an old Ottoman bazaar called … Continue reading Sarajevo

Game of hordes

The wheels on the bus go round and round a lot to get from Split to Debrovnik. We had to cross a small sliver of Bosnia, (which was reluctantly given to the Bosnians so that they had access to the coast) to get across to Dubrovnik. This meant borders and delays and stops and then … Continue reading Game of hordes

To remember or forget

Due to the huge number of refugees surging through Europe, Croatia had closed its rail services from Hungary. Information no one thought to tell us when we booked our train tickets on line. Luckily we gained this information the day before we were due to leave thanks to being incredibly pedantic and heading to the … Continue reading To remember or forget

Grand Budapest Airbnb

Our arrival in Budapest was marked by a strange hunger in Dotahn. We had arrived late and settled in to our latest Airbnb, dazzled by its large and elaborate entrance which was both crumbling and grand at the same time. Despite the late hour Dotahn insisted on finding food and came back before long with … Continue reading Grand Budapest Airbnb