Project SKY: Week 3

Cooking remained a strong theme and as the girls gathered in the kitchen to make cinnamon buns and cookies Ed and Dotahn went on a picante rampage cooking a  monster batch with 25 chillies and 10 tree tomatoes. However the picante was never truly relished as the sound of smashing glass echoed from the kitchen … Continue reading Project SKY: Week 3


As the week drew to a close we began to plan our weekends adventures. We decided with a group of the volunteers that we needed to get out of Salasaca for the weekend to go hiking somewhere beautiful and preferably not too far away. After much deliberation we decided on Quilotoa, a beautiful lake in … Continue reading Quilotoa

Project SKY: Week 2

After a tiring first week of mischievous kids, hard labour and the shenanigans of Fridays’ dessert night we decided to take an evening out for good food and the luxury of a night out. After an enthusiastic recommendation of the Swiss restaurant in Baňos to team Britain we once more made the journey to the … Continue reading Project SKY: Week 2

Project SKY : Week 1

A line of autobus’ each with a man yelling their destination. Many stop us and ask “Where are you going?” “Salasaca!” We were rushed onto a bus crammed with people and animals and begin our journey costing us 50c. Twenty minuets later and a man yells out “Salasaca!” We are hurried off the bus with … Continue reading Project SKY : Week 1