Jerusalem Syndrome

Thus the introduction of Yair and Danielle. A chance meeting of like minds in a place filled with frantic faiths and frictions. Discovered through the internet clan of  “” These two indubitably Awesome souls invited us into their home and the bosom of their world.  With shoulders laden with bags once more we walked the … Continue reading Jerusalem Syndrome

Dead Sea Oasis

(In words of Tahn) Catching a bus to Ein Gedi from a Jerusalem bus station filled with kids carrying machine guns and dressed up as soilders we made our way down towards the Dead Sea. A stark desert landscape with white rock and Bedouin villages of scrap and metal nestled into the hills. The kibbutz … Continue reading Dead Sea Oasis

Chocolate Vertigo

A mission of Dotahns upon his return to Israel was to meet up with Alon, a close friend he had in highschool 13 years ago and whom he hasn’t had any contact with since. Thanks to the necessary evil which is Facebook, Dotahn found Alon not long before we left Australia. To our surprise and … Continue reading Chocolate Vertigo