Zanzibar Nights

We made our way into Dar Es Salaam with a short flight and a taxi to a cheap hotel in the centre. Dar is known for its traffic jams which we soon experienced with many entrepreneurial young men using the gridlock to peddle their wares. We saw a hugely diverse range of goods being offered … Continue reading Zanzibar Nights

Kwaheri Arusha

On our return to Arusha more explorations of the neighbourhood and attempted concentration on finalising a preview of our artwork filled the last week of our residency. Although the local area was fascinating and we met a lot of nice people we were tired of the general hostility we received as mzungu. It was almost time to … Continue reading Kwaheri Arusha

Shadows in the dirt

As the days flow into week 2 of our residency we fall into the rhythm of Sara’s household and surrounding neighbours. The air is always filled with the constant sound track of mooing and clucking, of the same church song sung over and over again, children playing and crying, gentle singing coming from the family … Continue reading Shadows in the dirt

Karibu Sana

We were a little bit nervous about the upcoming art adventure. We knew little to nothing about where we would be staying, what we would be doing and how it would all come together. We had trouble getting in touch with Seppo, the man who runs the  residency and were starting to get nervous until … Continue reading Karibu Sana

The Safari Continues

Day 5 – Serengeti National Park Day five takes us deeper into the Serengeti on the hunt for the more elusive wildlife As we drove through the grassy plains towards a particularly interesting copi formation we spied two male lions heading our way. Yuda explained that male lions can not tolerate other male lions because they … Continue reading The Safari Continues

The Safari Begins

We emerged bleary eyed from the plane at Kilimanjaro airport and breathed our first lungfuls of air from Tanzania. The air seemed different, laden with the heavy warmth and scents of East Africa. The journey had been a difficult one with long delays in Joburg at 3am and  attempted cramped naps followed by a hurried rush … Continue reading The Safari Begins