Farewell Linden

The last bitter-sweet moments of San Francisco left us pining as our departure grew near. We fell in love with this city and met wonderful people in the process. As time grows shorter, each moment seems all the more precious and there is just too much to fit in. Aunt Sue had given us passes … Continue reading Farewell Linden

Warm Welcome

Looking for our new home we were advised to seek Craigslist, an internet community board incidentally started in San Francisco.  We found a couple that looked OK and booked in to see them. On our way down Market St we were approaching the address of our first stop among the porn theaters and homeless folk, … Continue reading Warm Welcome

Los Angeles

Expectantly we waited by the Hilton in downtown San Francisco for the bus to take us to Tom and Nina. A man waited beside us with a large pile of luggage and a backpack which seemed to be mysteriously barking whenever a pedestrian strolled past. On closer inspection the bag contained a small yapping dog. … Continue reading Los Angeles